Monday, January 21, 2008

First post to the my Blogger page

Well this was painless and I can see how a teacher could use this to set-up a private group discussion site for his class in fact. this would be a great way for are Technology team to start exchanging ideas for our technology group.

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Jennifer said...

I agree with you, it was easier than I thought. I am happy to say that I will be working with you on our Group Wiki page. But, don't know exactly what we are supposed to do just yet! Let me know if you have any ideas. Can you tell me why you chose this topic? For me--I think it is important for teachers to keep up with their credits and all, but there is not much professional development as I would like when it comes to Hearing Impairment. Normally the workshops that are available for us tend to cost way too much and we end up paying for it ourselves because we don't want to use up all of our funds for a sub! Isn't that sad? Let me know your thoughts. I will "chat" with you soon. Thanks for liking my page. I did post a comment saying "Thank you" and you will see it change quite often!

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