Tuesday, January 29, 2008

(Good to Great) The Bus

In this Blog we are going to talk about the Good to Greeat bus concept. In this part we will be talking about if all the right people in your organization on the right bus. If they are on the right bus are they all going the same direction as your organization is. Also are they in the right seat? If they are in the wrong seat maybe we can just move them to the right seat. If not then we need to help them off the bus so they can go and find a bus going in there direction and that has a seat for them.

1. Are they on the right bus? You know who these people are they are always looking at moving a diffrent direction from the mission of the group. They are holding the group back from being great by not pulling there weight. So help them off the bus!

2. Are they in the right seat on the bus? Some times people are meant to do what they do it comes natural. The Hedge Hog type people. But some times we take and place very talented people and put them in the wrong place in the organization. As a level 5 leader you need to identify these people and move them to a diffrent seat on the bus. Placing a person with a major in history in to a advance math class, is not having the right people on the bus in the right seat.

In order for us to become a good to great organization we need to have the right people to get this job done.

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RoSteLeNo said...

Fred, I really like your bus analogy! Makes me think of which people here NEED to get OFF that bus! Which people REFUSE to get off and which people some other people would like to gently nudge OFF of the bus when it is going at a safe, slow-moving pace! :-) No injury or harm intended!

Why are some people so stubborn and stuck in their ways? No one knows, but they are truly unhappy being on the WRONG bus and just don't realize that if they took that leap of faith, they may find a bus with people EXACTLY like them going in exactly the direction that they want to go!

I really like your bus analogy! :-)

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