Thursday, January 31, 2008

(Good to Great) What makes a great school Introduction

What makes a school technology educational system move from being good to great? Is it a school that spends thousands of dollars on technology? Is it a school that lives on the leading edge of technology innovation? Maybe it is the school that uses only the latest teaching methods. Well as you will see after reading these bolg post no amount of money or technology can change an education system by it self. There is no magic bullet to making children learn. It takes some basic skills and lots of hard work to change a system from being a good system to moving it to becoming a great system. After reading the book good to great, I found that there are many parallels between great businesses and great educational systems, as described by Good to Great researcher Jim Collins.
There can be two types of good to great systems, one is a pocket of greatness and the other is organization wide greatness. I will try to demonstrate in this with some examples of how you can have small pocket of success in any organization within this paper.

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