Sunday, February 10, 2008

cascading style sheets (CSS)

cascading style sheets (CSS) is a neat way of making pages so that users can change the way that they see your web pages. This could be very useful for people that might be seeing impared. This way they can set-up their web browser so that when they go to webpages that the basic font is larger then normal. So when building web pages in the future make sure to keep this in mind. I never thought about it but it makes sence now. Also with CSS you can qiuckly change the look of a all the pages at a website if you use a seperate CSS page that all your html or php pages look at for styles.


James said...

I'm glad that you brought the advantages to my attention. I've never really considered adjusting font size to meet the needs of people that have poor eyesight. It's an obvious advantage, but I've only used small font.

KB said...

Interesting. I'm sure many of us have asked the question whey we couldn't use a website template. This is probably the reason why. It's good to know.

Jennifer said...

I am soooo confused when it comes to CSS style! Thank goodness I was able to download Kompozer and I am actually able to look at the CSS style while I am working on my Web page! I hope that I will learn this in the near future and become better at this whole technology thing--at least by the end of our Master's courses!

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