Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ning Social Network

Ok can social networks be a good thing for education? I think so and here is why. Buissness wants workers to have good communication skills, They want people that can work with a group and think out side the so called box. Well here is a chance to get students talking about a project and we can keep it in a group setting. Yes Myspace is a social network but using Ning would give you a little more control of the social site. Here is the link to my Ning site check it out.

Although this is not part of are class requirements I decided to set-up a Ning Social site for are Educational Technology Professional group. It is really kind of neat as it allows you to chat with others in the group if they are online and you can see when they are online. Also it offers a place for blogging and/or group discussion on a topic. This is Just another tool to get people to collaborate.

Do check it out!

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