Saturday, April 12, 2008

Video is it the bigest consumer of your network

We all know how much bandwidth video can consume on your network. A recent study of Internet traffic in general shows that video now makes up more traffic then was consumed by all ip traffic in the year 2000. Wow that is a huge statement, the study also showed that video consumes 40% to 50% 0f most networks traffic patterns. So what this tells me is that if we don’t start to address are WAN connection I.e. start building fiber to hook all schools together that we will have two options in the future with are LAN. Start Packet shaping and cutting back on Video traffic or face the fact that we are out of bandwidth, and watch the users come unglued when they can’t get to their needed application or the video starts to jitter.
The study referenced comes from Networkworld March 31, 2008 Issue page 8 Your Career could hinge on convergence.

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