Thursday, August 7, 2008

One to One Laptops are on the horizon

One to One Laptops are on the horizon
Well I was one of the most vocal Directors in the state of Michigan against the one to one Laptop program. The big reason I was so opposed to the One to One Laptops was the cost. They were delivering Laptops that were in the $1500 price range. There is no way on this green earth that we could afford to buy a laptop for every student in are school and to change them out ever four years. The cost would have been for are district of 900 students $1,350,000 every four years even if you leased them for four years it would cost the district $354,375 a year.
Now with this said I think we are very close to this paradigm shit with the release of several sub $300.00 Laptops and the Indian government saying they are working on getting a sub $100.00 laptop into the hands of every student. Let’s run these cost with the above student count assumption. 900 at a cost of$100.00 per student it would cost $90,000.00 to out right buy them and if you leased them for $22,500.00 for four years. that could be the factor that makes this program take off.

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