Saturday, October 25, 2008

No Document Left Behind

OK so this is a spoof to the last message posted on NCLB. I have ventured into uncharted territory again, Yes and it hurts. Well we started the long term discussion about what to do with all those file cabinet full of documents. Well at first it seem like a simple thing right. throw some documents on a scanner and place them on the server in a PDF format and walla presto magic you have document retention, HOLD ON THERE TEX. Come to find out there is public law passed on the retention times and how though shall store them. I will write another post soon on what the ANSI standards numbers are and where you can purchase them. Yes that is right they are copy righted and you must pay for the word for word verbage. If you want some people have summarized the Standards but if you want the fine detail you must purchase a copy for your records.

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