Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missouri: Schools Takeover Upheld by the supreme Court

An article that has been run by the Associated Press on December 18, 2008 said this “The Missouri Supreme Court has affirmed the state takeover of the St. Louis school system, which has struggled for years with poor finances and student test scores. The decision on Tuesday backs the appointment of a three-member governing board that has run the St. Louis school system, Missouri’s largest school district, since it lost accreditation in June 2007. Members of the elected school board have remained in office but are largely powerless. Elected board members had urged the Supreme Court to invalidate the Missouri Board of Education’s decision removing the district’s accreditation. They also sought to strike down the state law allowing the transfer of powers to an appointed board if the St. Louis district lost accreditation. The Supreme Court rejected all their arguments, essentially ending the power struggle.” This precedence will allow other states as Michigan to take further control of Detroit Public school if they don’t get there act together. NCLB is here to stay, so we can embrace it and use it to make are systems responsible and do what needs to be done to help are students or just sit back and wait for the state to step in take control.

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