Saturday, January 24, 2009

Webquest for student learning

Here is a webquest that I created on zunal. This is a website were you can create a webquest of your lesson plan. This is a neat way to get the students the information need to complete a project based lesson plan. it is made up in a framwork that is the same for all lessons. One other benifit for this format is that all lesson plans for students are consitent. So students can start to get use to find the information for succesful student learning and planing. The example webquest is a project based lesson on how to start an Airport FBO. This project has technology components and use of research skills and many other 21st century skills.

Example: Zunal Webquest


Miss Lindsey said...

This is a fantastic site! I have been using and this looks like a much cleaner and easy to use site. Thinkquest is so hard for the children to get logged on. I love webquests, they are a lot of work to set up, but the kids love them!

Fred Sharpsteen said...

The one thing I don't like about these webquest is they only allow one webquest per login.

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