Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will the Internet work today? 1/20/2009

Will the Internet work today? 1/20/2009 for Obama Inauguration Day

Phone companies bring in extra equipment to help relieve the Cell phone congestion it kind of look like the TV ad with his cell phone network group following him. even with all this extra equipment some cell phone customer reported slow text messages and no service for cell phone calls.

10:00 AM
This is going to be a stress test of all video streaming servers hosting the Obama Inauguration Day and the greater internet. Will we be able to handle all this traffic. We will soon know this as this is a monumental day with traffic flows like we have never seen. See you at the show.

10:00 PM
Acording to the New York times on Jan, 20 2009 they said, "According to the current figures, Tuesday’s traffic would rank as the fifth highest since August 2005, when Akamai began tracking the online news load. The highest load came on Election Day last year, followed by the United States loss to Ghana in the World Cup and the 2008 and 2006 rounds of college basketball playoffs". So this was not the highest traffic load days it was in the top ten at number five. So if you were looking for a streaming website today and could not get to it you most likely not alone. What does this say for the future needs of the internet backbone. It says this as taken from one of my favorit movies Top Gun as maverick say to goose "I feel the need, .....the need for speed". We have seen trends of more and more bandwidth being used, with more and more video this trend can and will only continue. As wrote in previous writings we are not the number one country with reguards to bandwidth to the household. President Obama seems in some of his speaches to elude to this fact and seems like he will work towards addressing these needs. So on this historical day as a nation lets find the inovation and get it done attitudes that are imagrant for fathers brought to this great nation.

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