Monday, February 2, 2009

CNN reports 26 Million streaming video hits

CNN reports 26 Million streaming video hits
Wow this is a phenomenal amount of live streams; we are reaching a time when communications on the internet is reaching a huge tipping point. In other words, with all this video taking more and more bandwidth from the Internet we will see more latency continually. Obama has shown us the way to connecting to the common person. It also shows that the common person is well connected. We can move many people with just a few clicks of the keyboard. Today on television news show they collected 35,000 plus photos in just a short period of time. I placed a survey online this weekend and sent a letter to the MDE technology list server and ask the directors to ask there teachers to voluntarily take it. With in two hours there were 135 users that had taken the survey. The speed of information is growing as we become more interconnected. We as a country need to invest in the backbone infrastructure of the internet. We also will need this structure to help consolidate server rooms across the state. We have seen bandwidth go up exponentially as we stream more video for online learning courses. We also see this inter-connecting of are student with the use of cell phone. I saw a group of twenty high school girls all with there cell phones open texting with there friends. I kiddingly told them you know you can just talk to each other, they all just smiled and laughed, like what planet is he from.

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