Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dr. Mike Schmoker and Michigan Student Data tools

Dr. Mike Schmoker key note speaker:

I am at a conference in Lansing on Data 4 Student Success or the short version is Data 4SS. This is a project that the state of Michigan has taken on with ISD and RESA all over the state. I am looking forward to hearing what Dr. Mike Schmoker has to say about student learning. I have read his book "Results Now" and enjoyed it. I have also listen to his podcast of the audio Journals. I will post some of the new ideas that I come away with over the next two days. The Data 4SS takes the MI Meap data and the MME School data and place it in a tool that can be used to find weakness and strengths in your schools curriculum. This is not a new idea but it is a common tool that can be used by all schools in the state. Along this lines their is another tool that will be available soon and that is a Database Warehouse of local schools student achievement data in a tool that will allow schools to get there data into a common reporting tool. We have many different systems in schools today. Student management system, Reading programs, Math programs, and many other forms. But we must now log into each one and pull the need reports. Further more each report is just a little different. The tough part will come in that we have many different databases to pull data from and place it into the warehouse. We will need to look at SIF systems so that we can migrate the data back and forth as seamless as possible. So if you want to learn more about this project comeback and read more as it unfolds.

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