Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Say Goodbye to Interactive Whiteboards

Here is an interesting article in the School Planning & Management December 2009 issue. It suggests that wireless tablets and other alternatives are coming out that will make the Whiteboards at $1500 plus a technology of the past. Ouch, if you have bought into the white board movement. Also at the REMC projector shootout we look at a whiteboards from Steel Case the name eludes me right now of the product. But if you have one it has no electronics in the board and is a plain white board except that they said it has silkscreen dots on the surface. If you have one of these units please contact me, as I think there is some more to this and I would like you to try some thing with this board for me. I promise it will not hurt. this article in the magizine is not online yet but if your school gets this magazine you will find it there on "Lucky Number page 13". I will post a link to the article when it comes online at my Blogspot site.

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