Sunday, February 21, 2010

TIC - Educational Technology website

Here is an Educational website about technology in the classroom. They have some great resources to help find technology that will fit your needs in the classroom.

Technology In Class (TIE)

Here is a self description of the website that they have created.

In the 21st century classroom rapidly evolving technology and education are inseparable. Most educators cannot imagine using a typewriter after having used a PC. However, when it comes to more advanced applications of new technology, teacher knowledge often falls below student knowledge. Lamentably, teachers do not take advantage of or are simply not aware of the many uses of technology in the classroom. Instead of integrating technology into a lesson, teachers often rely on outdated methodologies.

We’re here to help. Our purpose is to make the connection of education and technology as clear and seamless as possible. We want to ensure that you get the full benefit of whatever technology you use in your classroom. This site will provide free information about the uses of technology in the classroom.

This site is a thorough, one stop place for all of your pedagogical and practical needs. We believe that through our website, teachers and students will develop proficiency with relevant tools of technology. Come in and take a look around. We are confident that you will find something to use in your classroom or learning environment.

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