Saturday, February 27, 2010

Words that need to be outlawed in a Teachers vocabulary

Words that need to be outlawed in a Teachers vocabulary:
Here is a list of words that I think needs to be outlawed or at least not used by an educator any more.
• Lazy
• Stupid
• Dumb
Instead these are the words that should be used
• Unmotivated
• unengaged
Here are some examples of what I mean.

Wrong things to say:
• “Johnny is lazy in my class room and doesn’t want to learn.”

Right things to say:
• “Johnny is not motivated he seems to be unengaged by my teaching style.”
• “I have not found how to engage Johnny in his intrinsic will to learn”
• “I have not found how to excite Johnny in my class and to help him gain a desire to learn”

Using these words in the first part reminds me of this saying that I have read, “All beating will continue until the moral improves.”

I know this is true I was one of those students that was unmotivated, I was also told as a 9th grader that I was not college material by a guidance councilor. I know love to learn and I am engaged every day of my life. I love to learn something new and strive to everyday. This is all because I had a sixth grade teacher, that knew how to motivate and engage me into learning. Thank you Jody Miklovic, for you are one of the rare few that knows how to motivate students into wanting to learn.

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