Saturday, March 6, 2010

Death of the white board reason number two

You are going to read a tone that I don't often project in this blog. Wow this is a play on words and I was not even trying to-do it this time. "Project" Epson projection unit, oh well. I am Geeked today, I ran into the Promo for the Epson on the 450Wi projector. This is a short throw projection unit, that is just the start of it though. It also has the ability to be an interactive white board without another device, like a Smart board or a Mimio. A little while back I wrote an article on "The Death of the White Board" I would like to see about getting one to put into my district. If I read the promo on this unit and if I see this right, I think it will eliminate the need of smart board’s type of technology. I think I see in the future no need for the smart interactive white boards in the classrooms as this technology will replace them. I think their is also many other alternatives coming quickly. It is as the book, "Disrupting Class" On how Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns as written by Curtis W. Johnson, Michael B. Horn, Clayton Christensen. This looks to be one of the Disruptive innovations. When I first saw another tech use a Wii remote at a cost of less then $150 to create a interactive white board learning tool as good as any of the $1500 + white boards, I know right then that the white board companies were in trouble. It looks like Epson is leading this charge. I would love to be a leader school in creating a room with one of these units to show other k12 schools this strategy. I have the perfect teacher for this he has used Mimeo interactive boards units and smart boards for a while now. He is also a master teacher and knows how to transform learning with these technologies already. So I am excited and I don't get excited to often any more.
Epson 450Wi

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