Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teacher Research in the United States.

I would like to make an observation here from the map information in the right hand collum of this bolg. On a weekly bases I see more people from the United State coming to this Educational Techology blog. I think this could show a trend of techers in the United State are working harder than teacher in the rest of the world to find what the right answers are in educating our young people. What do you think it means?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this comment won't appear but you are kidding, right? That is like saying that online voting for a preference or position is as accurate as a professionally done survey. You only get the people who have a computer, found the site, and interested enough to respond. You really think that the number of people visiting one site on technology can measure the dedication of teachers to the subject. Based on what I have seen on this site so far, I certainly will not be visiting again. But that is a function of my intelligence, not my dedication.

Fred Sharpsteen said...

Ok but why is it that on a consitent basis that there are more hits from the US then any other country in the world. How would you explain that. Give us your thought on why that might be. The US is not the leader in internet connection or speed. Why do more people from the use find educational sites like this. I am open to your feedback and I did post it. :) lets talk about this.

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