Sunday, December 5, 2010

G-tablet Viewsonic Review

This G-Tablet is a device that I like to call personal learning device. This revew was created before Thanksgiving of 2010 and some of the things in this review have been fixed. As the WiFi Problems and the Gmarket so that you can load other apps without sideloading them. There are still some little bugs and in loading apps. You can use this device with Google Apps now. As of Decmeber 5, 2010 the Flash doesn't work on this unit yet and is something that they are working on correcting. As a whole I like the unit and think it will compete hard aginst the Apples IPad device with it selling right now for $379.00 well bellow the cost of the IPad. After the competion hears but by spring these units will be in a perfictly competative market and the cost of these units will be in the range of the Netbooks or under.

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