Saturday, April 16, 2011

I believe that all children deserve a good education

I believe that all children deserve a good education and that all children without medical handicaps as mental retardation have the ability to learn. I feel that the NCLB has some good points and also some weaknesses. I think that the one thing that sets the United States apart from other leading countries is are believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn and be given an equal chance to successes. So of the other leading countries that we are always compared to as China, India and Japan don’t offer the same opportunities as we do to allow all children an equal chance at learning. Some of these courtiers’ pigeon hole students as those that will be allowed to go one to higher education and those that will be relegated to a life of physical labor and inferior education. I have read some articles that suggest that they look at us with envoy as it relates to not leaving any child behind.
I am a product of the early NCLB movement. I was an unmotivated youth in school that didn’t see the relevance of school and education. I even had a guidance consoler that said you are really not college material so you should take and go to the skill center and work on a vocation. Luckily this miss guided consoler sent me on a path that allowed me to learn of another path and opportunity. A college repetitive came to the skill center and talk to us about Ferris State University. I applied and was accepted in the Automotive service program, While at Ferris they gave me an education that allowed me to go back to school 18 years later and finish a BS in Business management and Networking Technologies. Were I grew to love learning even more, Some students don’t find the desire to learn to later and if we allow even one of these student to fall through the cracks then we have failed in education. On the other side of this article was a section on the head start program. I have just finished reading the book Disrupting Class by Clayton M. Christensen. He talks about a study done by Todd Risley and Betty Hart talks about that talked about the importance of reading and talking to our children at a very early age. This study said that the most critical years when parents can take time and read and talk to their children at this age of one to four with age of birth to one year as the most critical. These children that don’t receive this attention from there parents have a significant chance of becoming at risk students. He further talks about that the Head Start program is very ineffective as you can never replace the child concentric learning that can happen one on one with a parent and there child. I think that some of the other issues of NCLB as standardized testing is just a band aid to a bigger problem we all know how are the ineffective schools so instead of just taking care of the problem with allow them to operate with no sanctions.
So this article was very interesting to me and felt that it fit in well with other classes that we have taken in this cohort program. With some of the brain research and educational psychology that we have talk about over the last few semesters.

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