Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look, I'm Learning movie project in Michigan


Look, I'm Learning from Allyson Rockwell on Vimeo.

Introduction Look, I'm Learning is a feature-length documentary film about a new revolution led by kids. To examine the potential of technology in early education, noted documentary director and producer Allyson Rockwell is partnering with school teachers and education leaders in Michigan to produce a film that tells the inspirational story of a Ludington, Michigan technology pilot program and its impact on the teachers, students, and community. The intent is to reenergize the federal, state, and local dialogue over the power and potential of appropriately integrating technology designed for learning. By addressing this compelling national storyline within a small town context, the documentary will do what no newspaper expose, whitepaper, or webinar can do. It will give real educators, their students, and parents an opportunity to tell their stories about the benefits and challenges posed by the pervasive use of technology in the classroom and their hopes and concerns about adopting 21st Century teaching and learning strategies in early elementary education.
Current FundingWe have successfully raised $65,000 from the following partner organizations:
What will my Funding do?Thank you for asking. You are helping us do the following: 
  • Shoot the remaining interviews
  • Complete the off-line edit
  • Compose original music
  • Clear the rights
  • Help spread the word and get programs like this to all our schools
Can we exceed the goal?
YES! What an amazing problem to have. Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. Maybe that would mean a more widespread theater release, or help build a great interactive website where teachers can share and learn from each other and parents can get ideas on how to help their districts get technology to all their students.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Payments will be received by the Center for Innovation in Education , a 501(c)3 organization, which will allow us to provide a tax deduction for contributions of $100 or more.
The Team
Director/Producer Allyson Rockwell has worked and produced/directed numerous corporate, political, industrial, and educational videos.  She has produced documentary films from the Sub-Arctic of northern Quebec to Leon, Nicaragua, on topics ranging from a controversial hydro-power plant and its effect on the environment, to a holocaust survivor whose inspiration helps to change our world. Recently she won an Emmy award for “Detroit Remember When: The Jewish Community,” which documented the history of the Jewish community in the Detroit area. She was producer for “The Learning Classroom: Theory into Practice,” which is a 13-part video- and web-based course for teacher education and professional development. (Film credits )
Creative Director Peter Reynolds is an accomplished writer, storyteller and illustrator, and brings his enthusiasm and energy to every project he creates. His best-selling books about protecting and nurturing the creative spirit include The DotIsh, and So Few of Me (Candlewick Press). In 1996, Peter and his twin brother Paul founded FableVision, a "social change agency," that functions as a turn-key educational media developer and publisher committed to creating positive programming and products that help all learners navigate their full potential.
Film Distribution Consultant Peter Broderick is President of Paradigm Consulting, which helps filmmakers and media companies develop strategies to maximize distribution, audience, and revenues. In addition to advising on sales and marketing, Paradigm Consulting specializes in state-of-the-art distribution techniques—including innovative theatrical service deals, hybrid video strategies (mixing retail and direct sales online), and new approaches to global distribution.
Executive Producer Bruce Umpstead serves as the State Director of Educational Technology and Data Coordination at the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). His major points of professional emphasis include taking technology-based innovations to scale in education. He is working with the creative team in generating sponsorship, fundraising, and pre-production activities. He is also responsible for the distribution, outreach, and engagement strategies.   

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