Saturday, January 21, 2012 video training site

This site offers video training for your students or staff. I first viewed this at Ferris State University. It is a great way to help train your staff.

 Top 10 Benefits to Learning with produces thousands of tutorials, invaluable training, inspiration and more to help you get the most out of your software. Don’t just gain skills—gain confidence. Online Training Library®—Subscribe to a World of Knowledge Our Online Training Library® is a constantly growing and evolving body of training video tutorials designed to help you learn what you want, when you want it. All subscription levels provide access to 1234 courses and 71,285 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructor. Experience our quality before you sign up: 10 percent of all content is free to try. more »

  •  Memberships to Fit Multiple Budgets and Needs We offer a variety of membership types to meet a diversity of needs. Monthly membership costs less than a dollar a day for access to all online courses, with no long-term commitment. Our annual plan saves $50 a year, and our Premium annual subscription includes access to instructors’ files to follow along from start to finish. 
  •  A Wide Selection of Topics and Software Categories We feature a growing library of software and technique training courses for a number of disciplines: 3D, video, business, photography, web design, graphic design, and more. We’re here to help you better understand and maximize your software, whether you want to build your business, improve your job skills, or simply want to learn more for personal enrichment. more » New Releases Every Week Our content grows every week, sometimes every day. From New Features and in-depth Essential Training titles on new software, to previews of beta software, to titles in our documentary and creative series, we strive to publish timely quality training at a steady pace to keep you productive and up to date.
  • Top Quality Training and Tutorials Our recording and training technology and techniques are constantly improving. Our professional editors and producers have extensive experience and a talent for showing our content in its best light for successful learning. From live-action video, state-of-the-art studios, and improved video players, strives to stay ahead of the curve both in front of and behind the camera. The Highest Quality Instructors Our instructors are top professionals in their areas of expertise, with a passion to teach and share their knowledge and industry experience in a straightforward, candid way. Some come from academic or training backgrounds, others are industry experts and speakers, and some are all of the above. All meet our stringent requirements for quality, practical, impartial training. meet our instructors. 
  • Inspirational and Behind-the-Scenes Project Documentaries We’re more than just software training—we also feature insightful documentaries about innovative, creative people and what they make and do. Our Creative Inspirations and Start to Finish series go behind the scenes with creative professionals and industry veterans to witness how great products, ventures, and careers come together.
  • Searchable Closed Captions We originally added Closed Captioning to our training to assist people with hearing impairments to have access to our tutorials. We’ve found that it’s also an enhancement for anyone who wants to read along with the video training in order to better comprehend the lesson. In addition, we added the feature of making our Closed Captioned transcript text searchable to help anyone quickly find information in a course.
  • Certificates of Completion Show coworkers, friends, and potential employers just how valuable you are by earning Certificates of Completion for each course viewed in the Online Training Library®. Whether you’re up for a promotion, seeking employment, or just wanting to show off to your friends, members are now able to share a Certificate of Completion for each course viewed.
  • Economical Multi-User Training for Businesses and Schools Our multi-user solutions for companies or academic institutions are an economical, efficient way to increase training ROI. Companies and schools can save on subscription costs with a minimum of just five memberships. Check with our Enterprise and Academic sales team for customized options, from classroom access for students to site-wide corporate access.

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