Tuesday, February 7, 2012

EBeam Edge USB

The eBeam Edge system includes a sleek receiver with lightning-fast response time and pixel-perfect precision. It works with the ergonomic eBeam stylus, designed for natural and comfortable writing, drawing and computer navigation. The eBeam LiveWire adaptor with built-in software and memory storage allows any PC to operate the eBeam system without installing special software. eBeam Edge works with standard projectors, Windows® computers, all Microsoft Office applications, industry-specific software tools and more. Using the new eBeam Workspace™ software, mark up anything projected from your computer and bring to life PowerPoint presentations, documents and web pages. Digitally capture handwritten notes and easily distribute or pull them up again later. Make sure that the whole team is on board by sharing this content in real time while collaborating with colleagues anywhere in the world at no additional cost. Available at http://Touchboards.com

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