Sunday, February 26, 2012

It is time we in education stop making excuses and get down to the solutions!

“Stop making excuses and start looking for solutions! There is always a way. It may not be exactly how you picture it in your head, but if you just start, you’ll get there.”―Stephenie Zamora This is a great quote, I am sure it will generate a stir with some. But it should, dropout failure rates in the 50% by a school system are not acceptably. Proficiency test scores on the state standardized test at 50% or less are not acceptable. The ethnic gap has closed in a recent report that I read from npr news. But the poverty to wealth success rate has widen no matter the ethnic group. Do you think this is what Jefferson was thinking when he fought for a free educational system? A system that allowed people of no wealth to get an education also. People have bashed the "Waiting for Superman" documentary, but the fact is no child should have to sit through a lottery system to help to seal their fate. Or if this is the case then all children rich or poor should go through this system. It reminds we of the short story,"The lottery" by Shirley Jackson where the towns people every year pick in a lottery those that would no longer be allowed to live. Yet no one stood up to say what are we doing is wrong except for a little boy. We all stand to take a little blame for this, for this is one of the greatest nations in the world. Here we set with all this technology, and ability and wealth and point fingers at the Government, Administrators,Teachers, and Parents. Well when we point fingers just remember four other ones point back at us. If we set back and watch this happen then we are as much a part of the problem. I only hope that this gets some to start to thinking about how we can fix the problems and become part of the solution. Even if it is not exactly how it needs to be. Because from that point we can continually tweak the systems to get them right.

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