Friday, June 29, 2012

Google IO and the "Education Story"

Google IO and the "Education Story"
here is the link to the full story 

 Google IO and the "Education Story" by AUDREY WATTERS on 28 JUN, 2012

 Here is a quote from the article it is a game changer with the Apple IOS devices.

 "Today’s Google IO Keynote, incidentally, was all about the Web. (Day 2 of Google IO always is.) Google touted the phenomenal pace of adoption of the Chrome browser and of its Google Apps offerings. (The one mention of education during the IO keynotes came here, in the long list of schools that have "gone Google.") The company also unveiled new features for the Chrome browser, for the Chrome OS, and for Google Drive. (Google Docs are finally available offline. Hooray!) It also introduced iOS versions of the Chrome browser. And that’s a key piece of news, and one that's pretty indicative of Google's bigger vision – it isn’t just the fact that the world’s most popular browser can now work on all those iPads and iPhones. Chrome on iOS highlights the importance of cross-platform and cross-hardware support. And it’s a recognition that when Google talks about the future of mobile, it doesn’t just mean Android. It means the mobile Web."

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