Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Faronics Insight Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the following Faronics Insight features:

- Show - broadcast instructor's monitor to students
- Show student - broadcast student's desktop to the rest of the class
- Voting - gage comprehension of class and get instant updates on results
- Testing - create full tests with graphic images
- Run - start specific program or website on multiple students' desktops
- Control - instructor takes control remotely of any desktop
- View all - shows all student desktops on teacher console
- Details- shows status of each workstation with detailed information
- Snapshot - allows to take snapshot of any student workstation
- Mesage - single message or chat option
- Blank screen - apply custom messages and block students' workstations, keyboards and mouse
- Web limit - allows instructor to either block all internet activity or allow only select websites, or restrict specific websites
- Limit applications - control applications students are allowed to use
- Limit print - stops students from printing

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