Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Say NO to iPad for Education: Introduction & Overview

My name is Matthew Gudenius (Twitter: @MatthewGudenius), and I am a teacher (10 years experience, grades K through 9), a computer programmer (25 years of experience), and an educational technologist (Masters of Science in Educational Technology)

In this series of videos I am going to explain why iPads are NOT the best choice for educational purposes, despite a lot of hype and buzz that says the contrary. There is so much ignorance and misinformation out there that people need to be much more educated about the major problems and limitations of iPads, so I will be creating more in-depth videos to address multiple concerns including:
1) Lack of access to about 1/3 of websites on the web, including most free educational resources online.
2) Lack of storage card and USB slot, which forces work-arounds involving cloud computing... cloud computing poses some major problems in and of itself.
3) High cost = waste of taxpayer money and inexcusable when programs are being cut, class sizes are growing, and budgets have no room for wasteful spending.

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sabkon wells said...

hi. i agree with the disadvantages of using ipads for learning. tough learning through technology has its own advantages, but both sides need too be balanced.

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