Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GradeCam Overview

We are very excited to announce the release of GradeCam Insight 1.1, the first update to Insight.

Our main goal with GradeCam Insight's release in January of 2012 was a product with all of GradeCam Online's features, but with an improved user interface and restructured architecture in order to make it easier for us to improve and adapt the software for teacher needs. Insight has been out for only four months now and this is the first update. We're very excited about the improvements and also that we were able to make them happen in a very short time frame. Our hope is that they will make GradeCam Insight even easier for you to use and allow you to use it in more ways.

One of the huge benefits of online software is that you don't need to do anything to access the new features and improvements. As soon as you sign in, they are there for you. No downloading or installing required.

New Stuff

Personal setting have been moved to a link at the top right of your screen.
We upgraded the user interface for answer keys.
You now have the option of changing the "Question Type" on exams.
From the answer key you can print forms for customized exams.
Multiple Exam versions now allow for aligning with Standards and reporting features are working.
When creating forms, you no longer need to select how many ID digits you'd like to use.

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