Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SPOT Bid Deadlines

The message below was sent out on 3/15.  The deadline for getting a user account is TODAY 3/27.  The deadline for entering your purchase quantity estimate is FRIDAY 3/29. 
Why would you want to do this process?  The 22i Category 3 Activity 4 does two major things - first it allows for a statewide spot bid for computer devices including laptops, chromebooks and ipads (desktops were not allowed by MDE).  The hope is that by doing this spot bid there will be a very large quantity purchased at one time driving the cost per device down.  Second, the 22i funds will provide between a $50-$100 additional discount per device for all devices purchased in this first round.  The final amount of the discount will be determined based on the final quantity of devices purchased vs. the amount of funds available.  THE DISCOUNT IS ONLY EXPECTED TO BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS FIRST PURCHASE, there are expected to be future spot bids to continue to drive down the per device cost but there is NOT expected to be future 22i funds to provide the additional per device discount.
Below are the details for getting an account created (by today).  Once you have an account please login and enter your quantities by Friday.
GMEC Members

The Rural Northern Michigan Consortium sent out the following message concerning Activity Four.

We are pleased to announce that the 22i Device Purchase Pilot program is nearly ready to launch. In preparation for the launching of the State Purchasing Online Tool (SPOT) on Monday March 18, please complete the survey below ASAP to create authorized users in this new system. Districts should have a single authorized SPOT user to ensure accurate district wide forecasting and purchasing.
(the long link is here -

In order to ensure that users are created in time to complete the forecasting, please complete this survey by March 26th.

Device technical specifications will be available inside the SPOT tool by Monday, March 18, and also will be on the REMC Save bid site under Customer Center Resources.

Once users are created, districts and charter schools will be able to use the SPOT tool to indicate their anticipated (non-binding) purchase volume of each device. This information will be collected from 3/18/13 until 3/29/13. The aggregate totals will then be shared with our prospective vendors to help drive pricing based on projected sales. Bids will be received, analyzed, and awarded by May 21.

After bids are awarded, districts will be asked to complete their purchases through the SPOT tool from 6/1/13 through 7/31/13, for delivery no later than 8/30/13.

There will be up to $5M in incentive payments available after all purchases have been completed statewide, up to a maximum of $100 per device purchased. Specific incentive amounts will not be available until all purchasing under this program is complete.

This purchasing program is open to all districts and charter schools in the state. The incentives will only be available to those that are participating in the 22i Tech Readiness Infrastructure Grant and that purchase devices through this bid.

Questions about accessing the SPOT tool or completing the survey can be directed to

Thank you!

Rural Northern Michigan Consortium

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