Sunday, December 29, 2013

Technology in Education

Paul Hamilton presents 'Technology in Education', a creative and artistic look at the challenges edtech faces.
Creator of the Science AR App, the critically acclaimed educational app Formative Feedback for Learning and the revolutionary iBook series My Prep Year, Paul is changing the way digital content is being delivered in schools.

Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013. Paul is a leader in the implementation of Augmented Reality in schools to improve learning outcomes, Professional Development of staff with integration of ICTs, and has expertise in the implementation of mobile devices into pedagogical frameworks.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fantastic ideas about different ways wikis can be used at any grade level

Amber Kowatch from Ludington's Franklin Elementary shares how her 2nd grade students use wikis to help them connect and reflect as they write. Amber gives some fantastic ideas about different ways wikis can be used at any grade level.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merit and OARnet are now connected

OARnet 100 Gbps Network Lighting from OH-TECH on Vimeo. Merit Network and the Ohio Academic Resources Network Light Fiber-Optic Connection in Hillsdale Enhanced Collaboration between two statewide education and research networks Ann Arbor, Mich. -- Merit Network Inc. and the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) announced today that they have completed construction and lit optical equipment providing a secondary connection between their respective networks. "Merit has long had a strong collaborative relationship with OARnet, our sister network in Ohio. This additional connection between our organizations is another step in increasing the collaboration opportunities for us and our Members. The new connection in Hillsdale provides both organizations with increased redundancy for our networks, this is important in our efforts to ensure we continue to provide a resilient network for our communities", stated Bob Stovall, Vice President of Network Operations and Engineering for Merit Network. The additional connection between Merit and OARnet, a member of Ohio Technology Consortium, is located at Hillsdale College. As part of the Merit REACH-3MC project, Merit not only built a network route across the southern border counties, including Hillsdale County, but was also able to rent collocation space for network equipment at Hillsdale College. In collaboration with Merit and Hillsdale College, OARnet has also arranged for collocation space at Hillsdale College, providing the location for both networks to interconnect. This additional connection now provides the Hillsdale community with four redundant network paths in and out of the county. Merit and Hillsdale College have an extensive relationship, dating back over 20 years. Merit connected the College to Merit's backbone network and later helped foster collaboration in the community that would connect the City of Hillsdale and Hillsdale Intermediate School District. "Hillsdale College has been a Merit member since 1992," stated David Zenz, executive director of information technology services for Hillsdale College, "and it was always a dream to figure out some way to eliminate expensive data circuit costs to free up funds to purchase more bandwidth. In 2008 The City of Hillsdale, the Hillsdale Intermediate School District, Hillsdale College, and Merit figured out how to do just that." The idea of a connection between OARnet, Merit's network, and the fiber-optic network collaborative in Hillsdale grew out of planning for the REACH-3MC network, and after a few years of hard work, the project is now a reality. The network connection in Hillsdale now provides superior redundancy and performance for organizations in Hillsdale. "Merit and OARnet have always looked for innovative ways to collaborate to provide better services to their end-users," said Pankaj Shah, executive director of the Ohio Supercomputer Center and OARnet. "The connection is another exemplary effort between Merit and OARnet, further cementing the relationship between two leading networks in the Midwest. Hillsdale offers OARnet numerous benefits, from increased connectivity to network resources in Chicago to improved robustness of our circuits throughout Northwest Ohio." "Merit's REACH-3MC project not only provided improved broadband access to much of the un-served regions of our state, but the connection to OARnet in Hillsdale has also allowed both organizations an opportunity to improve service to our Member institutions in both states," stated Don Welch, president and CEO of Merit Network. "Only in the digital age could a little community on the digital frontier come to be one of the best connected locations in the country. That is just plain "cool!" stated Zenz.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GoldieBlox & Rube Goldberg "Princess Machine"

Here is a STEM Christmas Gift idea that help with creativity and engineering for young girls.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Technology Quote

"Technology is not a teacher–even with the best software, the technology is not the professional in the room" – Talbot Bielefeldt, Senior Research Associate.

Friday, December 6, 2013

What is Coaching?

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The 'X' model of employee engagement: Maximum Satisfaction meets Maximum...

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

TEDxNYED - Heidi Hayes Jacobs - 03/05/2011

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What will the 22.i Michigan State Educational Network (SEN) Look like as we move forward

Ruckus and ZF9.7 coming in December

Software:  ZF 9.7 will be released in December.  It has many hot features likeSmartWay Bonjour gateway and client secure features.
· What is SmartWay? Ruckus SmartWay is a solution for Bonjour Gateway solution that supports all Apple Bonjour for devices and services such as Apple TV and iTunes.  SmartWay will enable organizations to enable and bridge these services in designated networks and areas.
· In AF 9.7, security features such as client isolation will also be available.  Client isolation protects mobile devices and their data by ensuring no one else can see the device or the traffic in the same subnet.  This protects devices against advanced security threats.
· ZF 9.7 will have a long list of features and as always, there are many bug fixes and enhancements associated with this software release
Mobile Apps: ZoneDirector Remote provides the capability to configure & monitor ZoneDirectors and attached Access Points. Previous versions of ZDR only supported read-only, and ZDR 9.7, for the first time, enables read-write capabilities on ZDs running 9.7.