Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ruckus and ZF9.7 coming in December

Software:  ZF 9.7 will be released in December.  It has many hot features likeSmartWay Bonjour gateway and client secure features.
· What is SmartWay? Ruckus SmartWay is a solution for Bonjour Gateway solution that supports all Apple Bonjour for devices and services such as Apple TV and iTunes.  SmartWay will enable organizations to enable and bridge these services in designated networks and areas.
· In AF 9.7, security features such as client isolation will also be available.  Client isolation protects mobile devices and their data by ensuring no one else can see the device or the traffic in the same subnet.  This protects devices against advanced security threats.
· ZF 9.7 will have a long list of features and as always, there are many bug fixes and enhancements associated with this software release
Mobile Apps: ZoneDirector Remote provides the capability to configure & monitor ZoneDirectors and attached Access Points. Previous versions of ZDR only supported read-only, and ZDR 9.7, for the first time, enables read-write capabilities on ZDs running 9.7.

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