Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Importance of Assessment in Backward Design

The Importance of Assessment in Backward Design

The primary starting point for backward design is to become familiar with the standards/outcomes for the grade level and curriculum being taught. The second part of curriculum planning with backward design is finding appropriate assessments. It can be difficult for "traditional" educators to switch to this model because it is hard to conceptualize an assessment before deciding on lessons and instruction. The idea is that the assessments (formative and/or summative) should meet the initial goals identified.
Wiggins and McTighe (2008) also utilize the "WHERE" approach during the assessment stage of the process.[8]
  • W stands for students knowing where they are headingwhy they are heading therewhat they knowwhere they might go wrong in the process, and what is required of them.
  • H stands for hooking the students on the topic of study.
  • E stands for students exploring and experiencing ideas and being equipped with the necessary understanding to master the standard/outcome being taught.
  • R stands for providing opportunities for students to rehearse, revise, and refine their work.
  • E stands for student evaluation.

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