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Copyright notice
All of my material - for any blog, web site, e-mail message, live presentation, webinar, etc. - is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution-share alike license. If you want to film a live presentation, that's okay too. In other words, not only are you welcome to share and/or remix my content, you are encouraged to do so! All I ask is that you properly credit me and that you not place any greater copyright restrictions than I have on the content that utilizes my material. If possible, including the URL of the source of the content that you're using would be most appreciated.

When appropriate, please also credit the various external sources and authors that are referenced here. Note that when you leave a comment here, you are agreeing that your comment also falls under the terms of this Creative Commons license.

I hope my material is useful to you. Get in touch if you have further questions. Thanks!

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