Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What is everyslide.com and how can it help you with formative assessment in your classroom.

Below is some follow up information on the student response system. Free for educators, web-based interactive presentation tool everyslide.com is a system that automatically turns your existing PowerPoint, Keynote or LaTex slides into a fully interactive presentation. With everyslide.com , students see your slides on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. At any time you can start a poll, a quiz, or ask students to point at interesting (or confusing) areas of the displayed slide -- all with your own content, created in whatever presentation software you already use. Everyslide.com is used by over 100,000 people at over 300 schools and universities worldwide, including Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard and many others.

Everyslide.com falls into a category of Student Response Systems (SRS). Research shows that the use of SRS in class dramatically improves students' focus and knowledge retention, and thus have a very positive influence on learning outcomes. From my own teaching experience, as well as the feedback I received from many educators, I can say you that students love following and interacting with lectures on their own computing devices. The system is free for anonymous use by students. If you want to keep a record of students participation and interactions, e.g. to review it for grading purposes, you have to pay a small fee to cover the storage costs - but that is entirely up to you.

Here is the contact information for the companies founder.
Chris Pietroszek
founder and CEO at EverySlide.com
Follow @everyslide

Everyslide.com, Velocity, University of Waterloo , Waterloo, N2T2S3

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